Jewellery trends for 2015

Gone are the days when women bought jewellery purely for investment. Jewellery is now becoming more fashionable, alluring and trendy for the passionate and romantic women who  for modern jewels combining good taste, elegance, finish and uniqueness. Jewellery is now a style statement that reflects the woman’s personality.

As the year unfolds, trends will be more detailed and imaginative. Jewellery will mirror women’s aspirations and their dreams. Here are some pointers in that direction offering an insight into what will become hot not only in terms of design but also in terms of metals, colours, shapes, styles and the gamut.

Fusion inspirations in jewellery designs will continue by merging sensitiveness of cultures, unconventional ideas along with modern techniques to create aesthetically impressionable pieces.

Extensive use of geometric figures designed with passion to create a charming paradox of motifs in art deco style & oranate patterns will dominate the trends. Retro styles which combine the charm of old-fashioned modernity created by blending inspirations of the 60s, 70s & the 80s with touches of ancient art will be hot favourites this season.

Circels, spirals & spheres: The shpaes that best describe today’s trends are symbolic of the cyclic nature of fashion. They denote harmony, femininity, perfection and peace. These will be used in long chains, pendants, earrings & rings. It will be popular in all colours of metal- gold, platinum and silver. These designs are timeless elements that have contmeporary style elegance and will be considered eternal.

Inspiration from Nature: The relationship between jewels and nature are numerous. Nature has inspired designers to create exotic designs in the past and will continue to do so. To survie in this technological and polluted enviroment, nature has a way of adding freshness. Hence, fashion the first percious bloom of the season will always be linked with nature. Flowers, leaves, butterflies and bees in various hues and textures will form a distinct part of our jewels. 

Into the world of colourstones

The colour red will play an important role, as interpreted by rubies, tourmalines and corals. Emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines, agates and tourmalines dominate in shades of blue and green. Romantic cameos have returned to the world of jewellery once again, engraved on shells, onyx (especially black onyx), and red agate. Fancy cuts are also increasingly in demand making the stone the focus of design especially in rings wherein different mountings can be used. These rings will become popular as they are ideal to show off in cocktail parties.

Diamonds in white & champagne will dominate the fashion scene. Solitaires will continue to be in demand, particularly fancy shaped solitaires in white & colours.

The Yellow fever will continue as gold reigns the catwalks not only in jewellery but also makeup, hairstyles & accessories. India’s fascination for gold will be sustained through the year.

Pearls: With an eternal and royal appeal, pearls can be used in high-end jewellery whether for stringing or combining with diamonds to create seductively alluring jewellery. Pearls are playful, original & visually striking and will continue to entice women with their versatility,

Long earrings- they are everybody’s favourite both in the mass as well as high-end segment and will continue to be so. Prominent use of chains, links and gemstones will be seen in the coming season. Flexibility with a swing style will be used while designing these earrings.

Cuff bracelets- An increasing demand for wrist ornaments is seen for this year. Many styles are available in various designs, shapes and types of craftsmanship.

Bangles- The enternal favourite bangle, a must-have ornament for every woman, will witness the emergence of round and oval shaped designs in gold. These are being detailed with diamonds in pave or fancy textures like satin or matt or are rigid and perforated variety to create combination of positive and negative space.

Wedding bands which are gaining popularity in India today are essentials in platinum. This luxurious white metal retains its hue even when used daily.

Platinum—the metal of love

Women todyay are opting for wearable jewellery in India as compared to ‘locker’ jewellery. Hence the trend is moving towards light weight platinum necklaces which can be worn on various occasions.

Platinum studs for everyday wear is popular with working women as it complements the attire well. Rings are an all time favourite daily wear. Small diamonds are preferred in close settings. Classic rings with solitaires are set with prongs.

Kundan & Vilandi-This

Craftsmanship which originated from the Mughal period has become a big rage which will continue in the current year. Contemporary designs in modern craftsmanship fused with vilandi are a new trend. Single big pieces around the neck or wrist can be worn with both Indian and western dresses to make a bold statement and hence have special appeal.