1. Rich in traditions and value: Ever since time immemorial, gold has been part of innumerable traditions and is considered auspicious. Every special occasion, be it weddings or festivities, is commemorated by buying Gold. What better way to welcome good fortune in your life on Akshaya Tritiya than buying gold jewellery, the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity.

2. Risk-free asset: Over thousands of years, there have been various metals that have gone obsolete, but not this yellow metal. Even today, gold is considered a truly dependable asset. With the steadfast increase in prices, you are bound to suffer minimal or rather no risk when you buy gold jewellery.

3. Easily convertible: Ask any of your elders and you’ll know how much gold jewellery has helped them during financial crisis! Because gold is a liquid asset, it is effortless to sell your jewellery and get some fast cash.

4. Bankable Investment: Over the past few years, the rate of gold seems to be only going up. This makes gold a truly bankable asset. There can never be a time when you are broke as long as you own precious gold jewellery collection. This makes gold an ideal investment.

5. Investment you can flaunt: What’s great about gold as an investment is that it’s something you can flaunt. From ethnic outfits to glam western wear, these lovely gold jewellery suit every occasion fabulously.

6. Intimate treasure: Gold jewellery has always been intimate and valuable, making it a treasured heirloom. It would be truly wonderful to pass down your cherished jewellery to your future generations, one rich in memories and traditions.

7. Perfect gifts: Gifts that bring back precious memories is truly a wonderful gift. And what could be better than gold jewellery. From your loving wives, daughters, relatives or special someone, gold jewellery is a perfect gesture to show your affection and love. Also, in times of dire situations, gold jewellery can be easily sold off. And besides, I don’t love gold jewellery, said no one ever!