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Diamond Mangalsutra

Diamond Mangalsutra

Studded in Gold

Diamond mangalsutra – a holy and auspicious thread tied around the girls’ neck in a Hindu marriage. Tie a diamond studded Diamond mangalsutra to flaunt your wealth. At JewelsNext, a huge variety is offered at affordable rates so that you can fulfil your desire of wearing a classy Diamond mangalsutra. certified Diamond Mangalsutra-Jewelsnext sales certified diamond mangalsutra,it provide certificate at the of buying jewellery from . Jewelsnext customers are very happy once received the certification . Diamond Diamond Price, our price starts 6000 thousand on words which are very affordable and we have all price level mangalsutra. Diamond Mangalsutra Designs ,we have variety of diamond mangalsutra design to cater the need of the buyers. Affordable mangalsutra , all our manalsutra are affordable to indian customers . Kindly view of our latest mangalsutra Design. 

Real Diamond Mangalsutra

Jewelsnext 18 karat pure diamond mangalsutra which is certified by IDT lab . our latest designs are crafted in real gold ,real diamond and certification is provided by leading labs in india. we are manufacturing reals diamond mangalsutra at delhi by latest machines and our price iof mangalsutra starts from Rs.10000 only which is affordable to every human beings. Jewelsnext is the best online marketplace for real diamond mangalsutrawith latest designs readily available.

Diamond Mangalsutras Online

Mangalsutra means the "auspicious thread". It is the necklace which the groom ties around the neck of his bride. A Mangalsutra is that jewellery item which every married woman is emotionally attached to the most. It is a symbol of the love, trust and the bond which every husband and wife share. To celebrate this bond, we at Jewelsnext bring to you our amazing collection of Diamond Mangalsutras. We have the most extraordinary designs of diamond studded Mangalsutras here at Jewelsnext. Starting from just Rs. 4100/-, our collection holds something for everyone. You can choose the Mangalsutra of your choice from this amazing range and get it delivered to your doorstop free of any shipping cost.

Buy diamond Mangalsutras

A jewellery item which every woman cherishes the morning at the Mangalsutra. It is the symbol of matrimony, it is the symbol of love and wedded bliss. And a Diamond studded mangalsutra is something which makes every woman's heart fill with love. Buy Diamond Mangalsutras online at Choose from our amazing collection of diamond studded Mangalsutras. All our designs are unique and trendy. All jewellery is handcrafted in 18 karat gold. The mangalsutra chain length can be customised according to your choice. All diamonds are of the best quality and certified by IDT, the largest independent chain of gemstone and diamond certification laboratories. Go ahead and buy your gorgeous Mangalsutra today, it is just a click away!

Mangalsutra Designs

Choose from a wide range of mangalsutra designs at Jewelsnext. Our extremely talented jewellery designers have developed some amazing mangalsutra designs for you to choose from. Our collection includes classic, traditional designs as well as modern, trendy designs of Mangalsutras. All jewellery is crafted in 18 Karat gold and all our diamonds are of the finest quality. We provide a certificate of authenticity issued by IDT with every jewellery piece.

Diamond Tanmaniya

The Tanmaniya is a jewellery piece which adds volumes to the appearance of the lady who adorns it. It represents the style, grace and class that a lady beholds. One can enhance one's look by choosing the perfect Tanmaniya for oneself from our exclusive range at Jewelsnext. You can add this to a mangalsutra or a gold chain, as per your delight and the diamond studded Tanmaniya is sure to make you shine. You can choose a floral design or a wavy design or one of the more contemporary designs, whichever one speaks to you and appeals to you. All diamond Tanmaniyas are handcrafted in 18 Karat gold and 100% hallmarked. Certificate of authenticity is provided with every piece.

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