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Religious Pendants

Studded in 18 karat Gold

Religious pendants

Buy religious pendants online from, People in India have given great importance to religious themed jewellery for ages. Religious rings and religious pendants are worn by people all across the country. Various designs are available at Jewels next within the category of religious pendants. We have pendants for all religions in our collection. You can get them customized in yellow or white gold according to your preference. All our designs are handcrafted in 18 carat gold. All jewellery is hallmarked and IDT certified. We even do customized orders. Bring us a design of your choice and we will get our master jewellery craftsmen to make it for you. You can get several colored stones or diamonds added to the design of your choice. Now owing your choice of religious pendants is just a click away! Log on to Jewelsnext today.

Buy religious pendants

Jewellery is like the heart and soul of every woman in India. Women love to buy jewellery, wear jewellery and gift jewellery. One jewellery item which is a must for all women is a diamond studded Gold pendant. And within this category comes the religious pendants. A religious themed pendant, be it the Om pendant on Shri pendant, a Ganesha pendant or a swastika pendant, the Holy cross or the Khanda or the Al Qadir, is something every person would like to own. They make wonderful gifts for people of all ages. You can buy these gorgeous religious pendants at our online store and also at our store in New Delhi.

Buy Religious pendants online

Gone are the days when you had to brave the crowds and the heat in the market to go to your jewellery store and buy an overpriced piece of jewellery. Today, buying your desired jewellery item has become the question of just a few clicks. You can buy gorgeous jewellery pieces at our website We house an exclusive collection of religious pendants which you can buy online from the comfort of your home. Crafted in 18 carat gold all our jewellery is certified by IDT, the largest independent network of gemstone and diamond grading laboratories.

Religious pendants online India

India is a country where religion is given immense importance. Our house, our clothes, our jewellery has some element or the other reflecting our religious beliefs. Go to any Hindu's house and you are sure to find an idol of Lord Ganesha or any other Hindu god for that matter, displayed in the house. This display of religion is not just restricted to our homes, we love to do this in the form of jewellery as well. We Indians love to wear religious themed jewellery. Almost all of us own or would like to own a diamond studded gold pendant depicting either our god or a religious symbol. Whatever be your religion and your choice, we have something for all of you. The religious pendants collection available online is truly divine. Choose from our enchanting collection of religious themed jewellery in 18 K gold studded with the finest quality diamonds certified by IDT. Faith-it doesn’t make things easy it makes them possible with Religious Diamond Pendant. Be blessed forever by choosing outstanding collection of Religious Diamond Pendant from, these unique designs of Religious Diamond Pendant are highly appreciated by our valuable customers. we also provides certificate from IDT for the authenticity of the diamonds. Apart from this, we provide safe delivery of these products at your door.

Om Diamond Pendants in India

Om is the all encompassing cosmic vibration of the universe’. You can always have with you the most sacred mantra by wearing Om Diamond Pendant. provides various designs of Om Diamond Pendant in finest quality. Om Diamond Pendant is widely demanded by our valuable customers and they can avail these pendants at most reasonable price.


Happiness is wearing a Diamond Pendant of the Religion of our choice. is having latest and unique designs of Christian Holy Cross Diamond Pendant. We provide Authenticity certificate for the genuineness of the diamond from IDT laboratory. We provide Holy Cross Diamond Pendant at best discounted price.

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