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Single Diamond Pendant

Single Diamond Pendants

Studded in Gold

If you want to buy single diamond pendants then browse our jewellery website which has stunning collection of single stone pendants. we use singly stone in pendants which is designed in 18 karat gold and single diamond .and the price of single stone diamond starts from Rs.3100 Only. indian women mostly preferred singly stone jewellery so they have this opprtunity to buy diamond pendantsonline.

Single diamond pendant

Single diamond or solitaire pendants are an all time classic. They have been adorned by royalty for centuries. Now you can feel just like a queen with our range of amazing solitaire pendants at Jewelsnext. Our exquisite designs, pairing solitaires with other stones which can be customized according to your choice are a must buy for all you beautiful ladies out there. These solitaire pendants can be set with rubies or emeralds or other colored stones as per your request. At Jewelsnext you can buy the best quality diamonds at affordable prices. All our diamonds are certified by IDT, Largest Independent Laboratory Network for testing and grading Gemstones & Fine Jewellery.

single stone pendant designs

Browse our website for latest jewellery online in 2015. Every month we are adding new and fresh designs of single diamond pendants as per the choice of women.

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