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Solitaire Rings

Solitaire Rings

Studded in Yellow and White Gold

Buy Solitaire rings Online for women

When choosing a diamond solitaire ring, it is important to be educated on the 4Cs, because like people no two diamonds are alike. Understanding the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight) makes sure that you make the right choice for your taste and budget. Diamond Solitaire rings are the classic engagement ring choice. The round brilliant cut showcases a diamond's fire, brilliance and sparkle and is the most popular choice. Princess cut diamonds offer a more contemporary look. Marquise diamonds look lovely on women with slender fingers. Heart shaped diamonds are a truly romantic and unique choice. A more classic choice is the Emerald cut diamond. Oval cuts have their own original Jewelsnext  offers all this and more. Come and choose your perfect solitaire diamond ring, certified by IDT, India's largest chain of diamond and gemstone certification laboratories.

Buy Solitaire Engagement Rings

The biggest promise a man makes in his life to his woman is that of spending his life with her. But the promise is not enough, you need something to seal the deal, and for this there is always a Diamond! And what better can be there than the amazing solitaire engagement rings collection at Jewelsnext. Finest quality diamonds in the most exclusive settings are guaranteed to make your girl's heart sing with pleasure and her eyes shine with love. All solitaires are of the best quality and have the certification stamp by IDT,which is the largest chain of diamond and gemstone certification laboratories in India. So buy your perfect solitaire engagement ring from Jewelsnext today and let the shine of the diamond brighten your life forever.

Solitaire Rings for Men

Diamonds are not just a girl's best friend! The amazing solitaire ring designs at Jewelsnext will steal all the men's hearts too. The finest quality diamonds set in the most exquisite settings are here at Jewelsnext to make all you men shine. And for all the lovely ladies out there, engagement rings and wedding bands in white or yellow gold are the perfect gift for the amazing man in your life. All solitaires at Jewelsnext are certified by IDT, which is the largest chain of diamond and gemstone certification laboratories across India. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the perfect solitaire men's ring at Jewelsnext today!

Solitaire Diamond Rings India

A solitaire diamond ring is every Indian girl's dream come true. Be it an engagement ring or a wedding ring or a cocktail ring, solitaire rings are eternal. They have, they are and they always will be in vogue. At Jewelsnext you can choose a solitaire of your choice,be it round or princess cut or a marquis or heart shaped, the choice is endless. At Jewelsnext, all solitaires are certified by IDT, which is the largest chain of diamond and gem certification laboratories in India .You can be sure of the genuinity of your diamond here and can get it at the best price. So why wait, go choose your perfect solitaire diamond ring at Jewelsnext today!

Buy Solitaire online

Buy Solitaire online Buying Solitaires rings are very famous in India , mostly people wears solitaire rings at the of engagement, so jewelsnext introduces solitaire rings category to cater the need of couples ,our solitaire rings are crafted in yellow and white gold 18 karat gold and as per the choice of customers, we have latest collection of engagement rings in 2015. Our rings start at very low range so people could afford solitaire and please their special occasion.

Price of solitaire rings

Price of solitaire rings Solitaire rings price starts from Rs.10000 only , we allow visitors to buy solitaires online where customers can shop online through different easy payment gateways like buy jewellery at net banking, buy jewellery at COD, Credit Card and bank transfers . we have secure payment gateway CCavanue .

Solitaire rings designs

It has variety of solitaire rings available like 1 stone solitaire ring and multistory solitaire rings .

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