How To Match A Wedding Ring To An Engagement Ring

Engagement rings undoubtedly take the spotlight that leads up to your wedding day. They not only just resemble the strength of your relationship, but also attract people towards them. To many people, both engagement rings and wedding rings are much more than jewelry. To them, they both carry significant meaning. They consider their rings the symbol of their love and thus want them to be perfect as per their requirement.

Both engagement and wedding rings are quite similar to each other, but they both have different meanings and emotions attached to them. A wedding ring is different from an engagement ring, as it is given at a proposal. It is also exchanged when a couple decides to get married. While on the other side, a wedding ring is exchanged by the couples at their wedding ceremony. It is a ring that values much more than an engagement ring and represents the official tie of marriage. Some people want their rings to be different from each other, while many nowadays prefer to match their wedding ring to their engagement ring.

The purchase of both engagement and wedding rings is quite complex, but it becomes more complicated for you when you want to match the wedding ring to your engagement ring. As you want to wear your rings together as symbols of commitment and love, so it becomes essential for you to match your wedding and engagement ring properly. To make the selection easier, you need to look at a variety of factors. Some common things that help to match a wedding ring to an engagement ring are:-

Setting a budget:

A predefined budget before making a major investment like buying a wedding ring helps to prevent the risk of going out of budget. Setting a budget before starting the purchase help you know how much you can spend on the wedding ring. You can easily get a wedding ring that is more affordable or expensive than your engagement ring. While buying the wedding ring, just keep in mind that the overall cost of the ring will depend on its shape, its size, as well as on the metal, and karat, you will choose. You will choose. The more karats the ring will include, the higher it will cost you. Along with this, the extras like detailing, diamonds, or engraving will also add to the cost.

Checking the metal:

When matching a wedding ring to an engagement ring, the metal you choose plays an effective role. Traditionally, both types of rings are made of the same metal. People prefer keeping them of the same metal, so they will look alike and will compliment each other. However, nowadays, people also prefer choosing different metals for both rings. So to keep your wedding ring unique, you can also choose the other or contrast metal. If your engagement ring is of white gold, you can choose the wedding ring in yellow gold. To match the wedding ring to your engagement ring, you can also combine white gold with rose gold, yellow gold with white gold, etc.

Selecting the right style:

To perfectly match the wedding ring with your engagement ring, you cannot ignore the ring style. Wedding rings usually look more beautiful when they perfectly dictate the engagement ring style. The decision for a wedding ring highly depends on the style of your engagement ring, if it has a center stone then you have to choose the wedding ring without any stone. Otherwise, it will become tough for the wedding ring to sit under the center stone and will also give an unfinished look. For a neat look, it is better to choose a wedding band of the same metal and style. For an engagement ring with a round solitaire, you can choose a wedding ring with round diamonds.

Matching the stone colors:

Many of us have engagement rings that feature colored gemstones. When buying a wedding ring, such engagement rings need high attention as the color of the new ring must be as per the older ring (engagement ring). It is better to find a wedding band that properly incorporates the stone of the same color. Choosing similar color stones for both the rings helps you keep a good match.

Just make sure the wedding ring you finalize will compliment the engagement ring properly, even if they weren’t purchased or made together. Make sure the style, metal, or stone, you choose will not take the attention away from the center diamond of your engagement ring.

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