Own The Most Unique Jewelry With A Green Diamond Ring

Own The Most Unique Jewelry With A Green Diamond Ring

Diamonds come in a far wider range of colors than only the frequently observed clear variety, ranging from vivid red hues to the deepest shades of green. These highly prized jewels, which span the whole color spectrum, are sought for for their stunning hues and rarity in nature. The rarity of various fancy colored diamonds varies.

Natural green diamonds are an excellent example of rarity. In fact, just a handful of genuine investment-grade green diamonds have ever been discovered, and the most famous green diamond jewelry items that have ever existed like The Dresden Green can be counted on one hand.

Nevertheless, you won’t have trouble locating them on jewelry websites like those Astteria provides. You may choose from a wide variety of green diamond rings there, and you’ll undoubtedly discover one that you’d like to give as a present to someone special or buy for yourself because it’ll probably be one of your best purchases ever.

How Does A Green Diamond Ring Come To Be?

The formation process of diamonds is a curiosity most jewelry collectors could not escape from. After all, knowing how such a beautiful jewel comes about after thousands of years buried beneath the Earth’s mantle is already fascinating on its own.

When a natural green diamond is subjected to radiation, it develops its well-known green hue. This results in a greenish phenomena where the stone’s color (or lack thereof) changes.

South America or Africa are typically where green diamonds are mined. From these renowned mines, the diamonds are harvested and brought to professional jewelers to be turned into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

They are cut, polished, and sorted. Once this process is complete, they can be made into jewelry pieces, such as rings, and sold on the market.

For a green diamond ring to be made, a natural or synthetic green diamond is the main material. Before the ring band is constructed, the shape and cut of the green diamond ring must be decided upon. Another factor to consider is the accompanying side stones that will be placed.

This step, however, is optional as a green diamond ring can have a single primary stone or it can contain tiny pieces of secondary stone to further enhance its beauty.

The Different Shades Of A Green Diamond Ring

The stone’s hue and level of color intensity should be taken into account when determining a green diamond’s color grade.

The following color spectrum applies to green diamonds:

  • Faint Green
  • Very Light Green
  • Light Green
  • Fancy Light Green
  • Fancy Green
  • Fancy Intense
  • Fancy Vivid
  • Fancy Deep

There is also the factor of the secondary color tone that every colored diamond possesses. The most notable secondary shades of a green diamond are yellow green, bluish green, and grayish green.

To assess the price range of each shade of the green diamond, one must always keep in mind that the more vivid the shade is, the more expensive the stone will be. As for the price of a green diamond ring, a great example to base upon is the online catalog of a famous UK jeweler like Astteria.

Their most affordable green diamond ring is priced at $5,600 and it is a .68 carat radiant-shape light yellow green diamond ring. The most expensive one in their list is a 1.77 carat radiant-shape fancy yellow green diamond ring which costs about $25,300. More pieces are available and the price can be requested upon your interest.

Final Thoughts

Green diamonds on rings are more expensive than others because they are one of the rarest colored diamonds in the world. Despite how stunning they may be, green diamonds are exceedingly rare and should never be confused with other gemstones. Owning a green diamond ring can mean a very special achievement for one because only the privileged few can obtain them.

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