2022 jewelry trends

2022 Must-Have Jewelry Trends On A Budget

Jewelry trends are always evolving, and 2022 is shaping up to be no different. In this year we see fun options to experiment with, from nature-inspired jewelry, pretty pearls, colorful statements, rebellious chokers, to royal signets.

“I want it all!”, you will definitely scream at the end of reading this article. But buying them all and adding them to your collection might hurt your wallet a little bit. Instead, we’ll let you in on a secret at the end how you can try all the 2022 jewelry trends without breaking the bank.

Back to Nature

More and more brands across industries, including fashion and specifically jewelry, are shifting to be kinder to the earth. Today’s market also demands more organic and environment-friendly choices. This spirit of “going back to nature” transfers to our top 2022 jewelry trend: nature-inspired fine jewelry. Organic shapes, earth-toned gemstones, flowery forms, will all be driving the jewelry trend in 2022.

How-to-wear: look for the precious stones and the outlines of your jewelry to create an effortless fashion moment. For day looks, you can go for bracelets or necklaces with naturally-shaped charms; and gemstones with earthy elements for earrings or rings. For special occasions, go for the statement pieces that show off the beautiful natural-mimicking shapes.

Pretty Pearls

Pearls have always been one of the top trends because they are classy and timeless. They’ll never go out of style, and you may wear them at any time, but the way they’re worn might differ. This 2022, the trending fine jewelry with pearls will be completely in round shapes to show the luxury of perfection. Pearls are most often seen in necklaces to refer to the classic look of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Although, you will also see the modern take of pearl jewelry in rings, bracelets, and earrings.

How-to-wear: For a classic look, wear a strand of pearls to go with a minimalistic formal dress or pantsuit. To wear on a more casual occasion or just day-to-day wear, go for drop earrings or rings that will show off the pearls without overwhelming the more casual day look.

Colorful Statements

More than ever, we know that 2022 is all about wearing what makes your heart feel happy! This fine jewelry trend will also have the impact of boosting your mood: colorful statement jewelry. This playful jewelry trend will embrace color, bold shapes, and it comes in a bundle!

We will see a lot of big colorful cocktail rings worn all together to create a rainbow effect on pretty fingers. This trend goes hand-in-hand with the maximalism trend that we observed to be trending in the past few years. Big fine jewelry pieces with youthful colors will be the expression of statements in 2022.

How-to-wear: Pick a bundle of jewelry pieces in different colors. Don’t be afraid of clashing, the merrier the better! Bundled rainbow cocktail rings can be your go-to look for everyday wear. While for a more special occasion, go big with colorful bracelets, layering necklaces with colorful big gemstones, and stacking colorful earrings.

Rebellious Choker

It’s time for chokers to come back on trend! After being dominated with dainty layered necklaces, your collarbone should be wearing chokers. Top jewelry brands and designers are no longer playing with metal, spikes, and leather to add edge and toughness to the delicate choker trend. The look is more towards the feminine side but has an updated bad girl feel with the extra shine and maximalism that we all love. This 2022 jewelry trend is perfect for giving your look some attitude!

How-to-wear: The keyword here is shiny! Go for shiny diamonds or gemstones chokers. You can even stack them out to get that chunky “extra” look. Be careful with your outfit necklines and aim to show off your shiny trendy chokers on a deep neckline as a canvas.

Royal Signets

Signet rings have made through from 3500 BC to 2022! The sense of royal and power that signet rings bring has passed through the test of time and will emerge as a fashion style trend in 2022.  The royal signet trend is mainly on rings, as to how they were used ages ago, but this fine jewelry trend will also be seen as charms in bracelets and necklaces.

How-to-wear: It’s signet, it’s royal. Make it the centerpiece of your whole outlook. Show off its authority and importance by matching it with other dainty jewelry pieces. For signet rings, it’s not really how to match with your outfit, but your attitude. Wear it with pride and sass, like you’re a royal princess!

So, How To Try Them All On A Budget?

You would want to try and experiment with all the nature-inspired jewelry, pretty pearls, colorful statements, rebellious chokers, and royal signets. How to do this on a budget and without breaking your bank? Renting! Online fine jewelry rental  is definitely the way to go. Jewelry rental places like Trejours always have their jewelry experts to showcase the latest 2022 jewelry trends. What are you waiting for? Start early and show off your trendy style in 2022!

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