7 Gorgeous Fashion Gemstones Jewellery You’ll Fall in Love With

With stunning coloured gemstones, you can revamp your style this year. Gemstones can add instant sparkle to your looks and bring loads of luck in your life. Whether you choose pearl rings, emerald necklaces, or ruby earrings, there’s something unique about these stones that make you feel different. A collection of vibrant gemstone jewelry will never go wrong with any style choices you make. 

Many celebrities and royals have already embraced these jewels for their special appearances. You can also find a style that represents your character and makes you fall in love with. Here are some amazing gemstone jewellery ideas that your need for these reasons:

  1. Gemstone Cocktail Rings

A trend that was instigated during the 1920s is suddenly a rage in the fashion industry. Cocktail rings are blatant and huge with mesmerizing style and beauty. These rings usually have a large centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller stones in a gold setting. 

Often, the cocktail rings are more valuable due to a large and precious gemstones studded in their centre. However, you don’t need to buy a flamboyant ring to showcase your style. Pick a simple yet elegant design with precious stones like emerald, blue sapphire, ruby, hessonite, or yellow sapphire. For dramatic impact, you can go for a band of small diamonds surrounding the centre stone.

  1. A Delicate Gemstone Pendant

Not every occasion requires a cocktail ring or a statement jewellery item. Sometimes, you may want to pamper yourself everyday with a dainty necklace. That’s where you can choose a delicate gemstone pendant with a thin silver chain. It looks beautiful yet understated in terms of style. The best thing about gemstone pendant is their versatility. You can pair it up with any style, be it casual or formal. And if you can match it with the same design of earrings, nothing can stop you from being a showstopper. 

To add a personal touch to this style, choose your birthstone for the pendant. You can ask about your birthstone from an experienced astrologer at platforms like GemPundit. These astrologers can guide you about the right type of stone suitable for you after studying your birth charts. Once you decide the stone you need, buy it from an authentic seller offering a lab certification to verify its origin, clarity, and colour. 

  1. Statement Earrings

Every woman’s wardrobe needs striking pairs of statement earrings. These earrings can transform any simple outfit into a glamorous style. You can choose a geometric design in your danglers or opt for chandelier-style earrings to make your distinctive style statement. They will add the oomph to your looks without screaming overstatement. 

You can pick gemstones like ruby, red coral, opal, blue sapphire, etc. for statement earrings in any colour and pattern. If you aren’t wary of experimenting, you can go for gigantic single stones in different cuts like emerald, pear, or oval shapes. Hanging earrings with single large stones at the bottom in the tear-drop fashion are also an excellent way to wear statement earrings.

  1. The Vintage Designs

Who isn’t fascinated by the stunning vintage designs of heirloom jewellery? You must have seen them in your mother’s or grandmother’s jewellery boxes. The elegant designs with pure and precious gemstones are a sight to behold. These are the pieces that are cherished forever and passed on from one generation to another. 

If you don’t already have an heirloom jewel in your collection, you may buy one with a stunning design. Look for a combination of vintage charm with modern twists. For example, you can pick vintage earrings with climbers, square rings with big stones, or cluster earrings for a quirky style. 

  1. Layered Pearls

When looking for gorgeous fashion jewelry, you can’t overlook the appeal of pearls. This organic gemstone can look brighter and better with any outfit for any occasion. If you want to keep it less austere, match your pearls with any colour gemstone. Layered pearls are also an excellent way to showcase your style. 

Use smaller pearls and layer them with bigger ones for a dramatic look. Also, a short pearl-drop pendant with a large gemstone necklace can turn any simple attire into a stunning fashion statement. For summers and springtime, match your pearl jewelry with emerald to create a perfect look.

  1. Rings with Pave Setting

In a pave setting, there are smaller diamonds on the band of the ring with a centre stone held by prongs. This setting looks amazing with two types of gemstones. For example, you can pick a band of diamonds with an emerald or blue sapphire in the centre of the ring. You can wear this ring as a singular accent or stack it up with other gemstone rings. It is an instant attention grabber with its elegant and simplistic charm.

  1. Chunky Gemstone Jewlery

If you really want to dress up for any occasion, you need some bold pieces in your jewelry collection. These are eclectic designs that combine class and style. For example, you can pick chunky bracelets with coloured gemstones and pair them with your plain T-shirt and jeans. 

A bold pendant on a long chain is perfect for cocktail attires. You can even rev up your dull and routine office wear with chunky earrings that add a pop of colour to your simple clothes. Statement necklaces with big and unique stones like moonstone, carnelian, alexandrite, or tourmaline can also suit your bold and fun style preferences. 

So, gemstones are definitely worth your investment with their sheer beauty and elegance. Plus, they are an excellent harbinger of good fortune and luck. If you choose the right astrological gemstones, you will benefit with their metaphysical properties alongside their aesthetic appeal. 

You can custom-tailor your looks with mesmerizing gemstone jewelry pieces. However, be cautious when buying them. You may fall in love with a beautiful necklace or earring online. But, if it is overpriced or studded with cheap, imitation gemstones, it’s a waste of your money. Hence, buy your fashion gemstone jewelry from a trusted place after checking their reviews, comparing the prices, and exploring the catalogues.

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