Cremation Jewelry: The Stylish Way of Honoring a Loved One’s Memory

If you’ve never heard of it before, the idea of cremation jewelry might sound a little unusual and even macabre to you. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. As cremations are increasing in popularity each year, more people are choosing to honor their loved ones through this unique form of keepsake.

Wearing cremation jewelry is a practice which has been going on almost since the dawn of time. Hundreds of years ago, people wore memento mori jewelry, with rings adorned with skeletons, skulls, and coffins to remind them to live every day to its fullest. Even before that, the Ancient Romans used to decorate trinkets with pieces of hair, blood, and nails of family members who’d passed on, so they wouldn’t be forgotten.

Thankfully, today cremation jewelry is infinitely more sophisticated, subtle, and beautiful.

What is cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is a keepsake many people choose to feel close to someone after they’ve passed away. While it takes many different shapes and forms, the one thing all cremation jewelry has in common is that it contains the ashes of someone who was cremated. 

One of the most stunningly elegant and long-lasting types of cremation jewelry is cremation diamonds. These one-of-a-kind diamonds are grown in sophisticated lab conditions to create a sparkling gemstone unlike any other in the world. The resulting keepsake genuinely contains the ashes of a loved one, allowing them to live on forever.

How is it made?

The diamonds used in cremation jewelry are made following a very advanced and complex technique which mimics the process that occurs naturally within the Earth.

The first step in making cremation jewelry is to extract pure carbon from cremated remains. When removed, the carbon is placed in a secure core with a tiny diamond seed crystal. The core is then placed into a powerful diamond press. 

A High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) machine is used to apply intense pressure of up to 800,000lbs per square inch and incredible temperatures of up to 2,500℉ onto the core. The extracted carbon and diamond seed crystal remain under these conditions for several weeks, until the carbon has transformed into a genuine rough diamond.

After the diamond has been created, it’s cut and polished according to your requirements. It’s then placed into a beautiful setting and shipped directly to your door.

Is cremation jewelry the same as other diamond jewelry?

In some ways cremation jewelry is identical to diamond jewelry, and in other ways it’s far superior.

Lab-grown diamonds made from ashes and mined diamonds formed within the Earth are identical to the naked eye. They both have the same chemical composition, as well as the exact same sparkle, enchantment, and allure. Only a diamond expert with specialist examining tools can determine which diamonds are mined and which are lab-grown.

The thing that makes cremation jewelry so much superior to ordinary diamond jewelry is that it is entirely unique in the world. Cremation jewelry contains the ashes of someone who no longer walks on this Earth — a claim no other piece of diamond jewelry can ever make.

Another aspect that makes cremation jewelry more remarkable than any other type of diamond jewelry is that it’s highly customizable. When you purchase diamond jewelry from a store, you have a limited set of pieces to use from. Often the only changes you can make are the size and an optional engraving. This is far from the truth when it comes to cremation jewelry.

Jewelry made from the ashes of a loved one can be as unique as the person you want to remember. When designing your personal keepsake, you can choose:

  • Carat weight
  • Diamond shape
  • Diamond color
  • Setting type
  • Setting style
  • Setting color

Although you might never get to talk to or hug your loved one ever again, your dazzling piece of cremation jewelry will act as a permanent reminder of the beautiful connection you once shared and all the wonderful memories you made together.

What does cremation jewelry look like?

Cremation jewelry is just as diverse and exquisite as any other piece of diamond jewelry. As both types of diamonds are identical to everyone except highly-trained experts, no one will even realize you’re wearing cremation jewelry. All they’ll see is an ethereal diamond which sparkles more than the stars.

Here are some examples of cremation jewelry:

Cremation jewelry makes a sophisticated and heart-felt keepsake

As time moves by, people are looking for more creative and stylish ways to honor their loved ones. With thousands of customization options and a reliably beautiful finish, cremation jewelry is the choice of many people who aren’t ready to say goodbye to their loved ones just yet.

This one-of-a-kind jewelry made from the ashes of someone who was once so important to you can provide you with a great sense of comfort, as well as a magnificent accessory you’ll cherish forever.

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