How Much Jewelry Is Too Much 

How Much Jewelry Is Too Much 

Jewelry can be a precious accessory to boost anyone’s confidence, and it’s mostly used to match a clothing piece or style with an entire outfit. Every woman has at least an item, which never leaves the house without, be it a pair of earrings, a special necklace, or even just a wristwatch. However, this not only applies to women, as many men like to go out with a simple necklace or even some rings. It’s something made for everyone and everyone can feel much more confident wearing it.

Although there are specific ways to wear them, as well as there are items more ideal to certain occasions, plus a few rules of how to wear them, when it comes to fashion, always go with your gut. In spite of that, let’s get down to business by showing you some ways to help you figure out the perfect style for you and how to use jewelry.

Understand Your Situation

First and foremost, every occasion has a different dress code and overall importance. You wouldn’t wear the same clothes and accessories for a gala and for a Friday night out. However, there are certain rules when it comes to choosing the appropriate accessories.

On the Work Place

This is a place where there’s a mix of casual with professional, but of course, it always depends on your company and even your position. Although using jewelry in the workplace is not forbidden or discriminated against, there are certain pieces less appropriated to use around your job, and a few ones that will give you confidence, without being too flashy or distracting.

That’s why the ideal ones for the workplace should be more discreet items, not too noisy, not too big, nor too shiny, like some simple combinations of rings and earrings, or a thin one-colour necklace. Take into consideration the place you work on – on a more conservative office go for smaller pieces, but on the other hand, if you work on a less conventional company, you have the freedom to go a little bit bolder, but still with caution!

To the Cinderella Ball

Every gala or formal event is perfect to show off your best clothes and beautiful jewelry, and sometimes it’s the perfect occasion to take out of the jewelry box your most special pieces. Many of these events have a special dress code, so it’s very important to not go off the road, but also remember it’s the perfect time to sparkle! Now, it’s essencial to choose a focal piece, the star of the night, something that brings out your best features and matches the vibe of your hairstyle. Don’t overwhelm yourself with gems, so mix and match in the best way possible, with different sized items – if you go with larger bracelets on one arm, try going for smaller earrings, or if you have a stunning big necklace, maybe only add some more beautiful rings to the outfit. Lastly, remember that the right piece is the right answer.

A Friendly Friday Night

A little different from a formal party, this is a more relaxed environment, a night out with the girls or a simple hang out with the gang. In these situations, you should feel more comfortable and confident to use what you like and what makes you feel the best. It’s the ideal situation to let your creativity fly and use your favourite pieces, without any rules or restrictions. If you want to go big, you should! It will definitely add a little bedazzle to your outside beauty.

A Few Pointers

When considering accessories, always take in mind your look, what you are going to wear that day, as one simple item can make your outfit go down the drain. With this comes along some rules, for example, avoid jewelry that makes too much noise, as not only can it be very uncomfortable to the people around you, but in the case you want to go to a place where you can’t make noise, it might be a problem. Wearing simultaneously two items that are too big will completely disturb your entire outfit. Be sure to also avoid arms full of bracelets, that’s definitely a no go, and pieces with too many rhinestones might also not be the way to go.

Final Touch

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but every diamond needs to be used the right way. There’s no doubt that jewelry will always be the perfect thing to help someone’s style be more genuine and aid someone to put a little of their passion and personality into their clothes. Let this guide you when in doubt of what to wear. Thank you for reading and stay beautiful!

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