How to Choose Jewelry 

How to Choose Jewelry 

A good piece of jewelry gives a special touch to any outfit, in some cases, it might be the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s something that has been a part of the fashion world from the beginning, and for women, it’s a way to boost their confidence, highlight their best features and show off their style. However, jewelry has its own rules, just like clothing, and some pairs don’t work together or can be inappropriate in some situations. The answer is knowing what to wear, where to wear it, how to wear it, and what to wear it with. It might sound complicated, but that’s what we are here for. We feel your pain and how hard it can be to find the perfect match, so today we will give you some tips on the different situations and the pieces that are more appropriate to those.

Casual Situations

A casual situation can be something like a hangout with friends, a trip to the movie theater, or even a coffee date. In these circumstances, the outfits should be simpler, like jeans, mid-length dresses, shirts… So, the jewelry pieces won’t differ much from that. There’s a better possibility to wear your favorite pieces, but the simplest ones will go better with these outfit choices, like some minimalistic earrings, or an unadorned necklace chain. However, sometimes, while wearing a more simple outfit like a t-shirt and jeans, your look will get even better with a dazzling pair of earrings. Remember that a small piece can make the difference.

Formal Outfits

These are the perfect occasions to take out of the closet your best and most beautiful dress and cause an impression. With a dress like this, there is no way you will abstain from adding the perfect jewelry piece to complete the outfit and highlight your natural beauty.

Galas, weddings, and events of the kind call for an expensive, elegant, and special piece, however, it needs to be carefully chosen in a way it doesn’t take away your shine. Adding to this, the way you use your hair and your dress should also affect your decision. Quick tips: v-necks go perfectly with longer necklaces, and tied up hairstyles with long hearings. Diamond or any gemstone pieces would be ideal for this scenario.

Different Parties

In night outs with the girls, birthday dinner parties, or even clubbing nights, you should go for outfits that make you feel good, as well as bring light to your best physical features. Usually, these occasions are relaxed, with friends, or in family environments.

Unless there’s a specific dress code, there’s not a single motive not to be yourself and go for your favorite pieces. One or two might just be unquestionably ideal, but if you want to look the best, black dresses or a sparkly top will go along with shiny pieces, as long as it’s not an over exaggeration. Don’t outshine yourself and your personality by using too much sparkle.

Work Environments

Casual and simple can also be applied to the work atmosphere, even though, these days, offices and workplaces are less strict about the dress code. However, it’s best to stay simple, avoid noisy pieces to not disturb your colleagues, or expensive ones not to risk losing or damage them. Following that thought, if you work with your hand or more physically, avoid rings or bracelets, it would be a shame to destroy a piece. There’s always the need to keep in mind that a workplace has different people working there too, and sometimes a wrong choice of jewelry can offend someone, so go as bold as a little sparkle, because besides not being too much, it also gives you a more professional look.

Last Piece of Advice

There are many rules when it comes to using the right jewelry with the right outfit for the right occasion. On the other hand, there’s a range of options for you, where you can express your personal taste and style without committing any social or fashion crime.

Jewelry is a big part of a lot of ladies’ lives, and sometimes is more about the outfit than the chosen pieces, even though there’s always a set idea for some, like pearls and classic dresses, diamonds and formal outfits. Now, even though there are a few rules, sometimes breaking them can be exactly what you need. I’m certain these tips will help you in times of doubt, so take them into consideration and use them as a reference, but never lose your personal style! Never forget that your best and most precious jewel is yourself. Thank you for reading, and shine away!

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