How to Clean Cheap Jewelry 

How to Clean Cheap Jewelry 

Anyone who loves to wear jewelry and to frequently accessorize, knows that the pieces of bigger value are saved for those special occasions, and for a daily basis, there are cheaper pieces with false adornments. These are ideal to wear to work or casually, without the risk of losing them, being stolen, or damaging the expensive gems.

However, cheaper jewelry requires different care, because even though they are pretty pieces, due to the regular use and to their lower quality, they tend to get dirty and rusty more easily. So, learning how to properly clean lower quality jewelry will help keep them shiny for longer, but it’s not something a person should spend that much on! Luckily, there are several maintenance techniques that offer great results, as well as help you save some money.

Figure Out Your Jewelry

First things first, separate the items you want to clean and try to understand what kind of material are you dealing with, as every piece should get a different kind of treatment according to the material, which, most of the times, won’t be the same for gold and silver, and even plated jewelry is as genuine as those two, mainly because of the layer on top. A lot of these contain gemstones stuck with glue, therefore, some liquids might wear it out and loosen the gem. Always make sure to closely inspect the jewel first, before starting the cleaning process.

Cleaning Products and Tools

One of the cleaning advantages of these items, it’s the use of products everyone has around the house, as they can be mixed and used for a various number of things, however, it’s important to have in mind that stronger ones or aggressive tools can have a negative effect on the material and ruin it for good. Besides knowing the right products, it’s also helpful to know how to use the right tools, since these are items that need specific care and a gentle touch. The recommended and my all-time favorite would be to use a toothbrush or in certain situations, a q-tip. Microfiber towels are good to have around to dry out after the cleaning. In case the piece is too dirty or rusty, ask for the help of a specialist, as you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. Now, regarding products:

Baby shampoo

Being a shampoo meant for children, it’s not as aggressive as a regular one, and when mixed with water and used gently with a toothbrush around the piece, it will clean it well and safely. If there’s too much detail and hard to reach spots, a q-tip might do the job. Finish it by rinsing the jewel with running water and dry it on a microfiber towel.


Lemon is a common natural ingredient used to clean multiple objects. In this situation, the best way to use it is by mixing some of its juice with warm water and leaving the item submerged there for a few minutes, lastly gently scrubbing it with a toothbrush. Lemon will help protect your jewelry from oxidate and give it a nice fresh smell.

White Vinegar

A well-known solution to clean jewelry pieces, vinegar will help maintain them clean and shiny. Put the vinegar in a bowl with warm water and dip the pieces for a maximum of 10 minutes, otherwise, it can cause permanent damage. Right after, use a toothbrush as a way of reaching all the surfaces of it, with gentle scrubs, that will effectively clean it.

How to Keep Your Jewelry Clean

It’s very important to regularly clean your jewelry pieces, but there are ways to take care of them after every use, in a way to conserve and maintain them cleaned for longer. The first one would be to keep your jewels away from perfume and body lotions, as this can tarnish the coating, so whenever you use perfume, make sure to do it before putting a piece of jewelry on. On the same segment, make sure not to get them wet, when you shower or wash your hands, take your pieces before doing it. Another trick is to clean them after every use! Due to the sweat and oils our skin releases, cleaning is fundamental. Adding to this, the right storage is crucial to avoid your pieces from oxidating due to air exposure – and to get the best cleaning cloths, be sure to read this article:

Final Advice

If you regularly use jewelry, taking care of it is part of the job, and even if the pieces are cheaper or with less value, it doesn’t mean they don’t need proper cleaning as well. Following these tips will help you easily maintain your jewels stunning and safely, and trust me, those little gems will definitely thank you. I appreciate your time and I hope this article helped you with all your questions. See you next time!

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