Lab-Grown Diamonds Worth the Investment

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Worth the Investment?

Until a few decades ago, lab-grown diamonds were considered fake diamonds. Today, thanks to better production techniques and greater social awareness, lab-grown diamonds have taken over the market. No longer seen as fake, these diamonds are still more affordable, ethical, and environment-friendly when compared to mined diamonds. 

If you have been looking to get your hands on cultured diamonds, here’s all you need to know to see if it is worth the investment.

Why opt for lab-grown diamonds?

Lab diamonds are simply fantastic. They are cost-efficient, ecological, and come with better sparkle than you might get in a real diamond at the same rate. The only difference that matters here is the point of origin of these diamonds. Natural diamonds are formed when carbon is subjected to extreme heat and pressure deep under the earth’s surface and lab diamonds are created when this setting is recreated in a lab. However, the end product is chemically, physically, and optically the same in both scenarios. 

The processes behind the formation of synthetic diamonds can be classified into two – HPHT and CVD. CVD is the latest technique that is being used widely to meet the world’s demand for diamonds. The stones made using both processes are almost the same but CVD diamonds have an upper hand when it comes to clarity and color. And if you are in need of a colored diamond, only through CVD can you obtain the exact hue you want. Finding colored diamonds in nature is a rarity and the price of these stones is through the roof if they are placed on the market.

Alternative to blood diamonds?

Natural diamonds may have a romantic appeal to them. It has been formed from the extreme conditions down below and the formation of diamonds has played the role of a beautiful metaphor for many writers. While the mined diamonds evoke many emotions, it also wreaks havoc on the local ecosystem. Extensive machinery and explosives are involved in diamond extraction, the mines run the closest water bodies dry, and release harmful effluents into the surroundings. It is estimated that natural diamonds omit over 125 pounds of carbon per carat. On the other hand, man-made diamonds generate just 6 pounds. 

Most importantly, the name ‘blood diamonds’ did not come without a story to back it up. Most of the diamond mining industry is regulated by strict laws but in certain sites, especially where there is an abundance of diamonds, these laws make no difference. From child labor practices to human rights violations and militant groups having a monopoly over the mined diamonds, diamond mining has had no shortage of both controversy and conflict. When compared to this, lab-grown diamonds are the best decision you can make to remain guilt-free. 

Benefit of affordability 

When it is said that cultured diamonds are affordable, most people still peg the price to be closer to that of natural diamonds. However, it needs to be stated that you can get a cultured diamond for a fraction of the price of its mined version. A synthetic diamond will definitely cost at least 30% lesser than a natural one. 

What makes lab-grown diamonds superior?

Seeing how cultured diamonds are better in every way, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in them. Once you get to know the basics of choosing a diamond, there is practically no difference between synthetic and natural diamonds. Even though cultured diamonds may seem like a fad, they have been around for a long time. Gemologists vouch for the stone’s quality with the certification they provide for each diamond. If you know what to look for, you can get a lab diamond that is better in quality and sparkle without spending as much as mined diamonds demand. 

Is it worth the investment?

Generally, diamonds are not seen as an investment opportunity. It comes across as something owned for its beauty or for special memories. Compared to precious metals like gold, no kind of diamond is a secure investment. Yet, as an engagement ring or wedding gift, diamonds are the best investment you can make. 

The resale value of lab-grown diamonds is lower compared to natural diamonds, but the grading of the stone can change the rates a bit. Natural diamonds have a high resale value, but only if the stone is exquisite and free from inclusions or blemishes. When it comes to used diamonds, this is rarely the case. 

Final Thoughts 

Diamonds are forever, so there is no way that your investment in lab-grown diamond jewelry is going to waste. Apart from being of value in the market, this can be your investment toward heirloom jewelry. The guilt and harmful impact that comes with natural diamonds are not worth the slightly higher resale price you might get. Thus, lab-grown diamonds are definitely worth the investment.

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