6 Gemstone for your Engagement Ring

Top 6 Gemstones for your Engagement Ring

The item that marks one of the most important moments of your life, what most women dream of since their childhood. An engagement ring is all of these things. In fact, it’s the first step towards a future together and an outstanding wedding. And let’s be honest, we all know that can be difficult to plan.

However, the ring is not enough. In order to make your soon-to-be wife happy, you have to pick the right gemstone for her. So, that brings the question: what are the best gemstones for an engagement ring? Let’s find out!

  1. Aquamarine

The mystery and charm of the sea in a single precious stone, the aquamarine. In ancient times it was thought that throwing this beautiful gem into the water could appease the wrath of the god Neptune. But today this stone is said to affect wisdom and intellect. Whatever its meaning, one thing’s for sure: the beauty of its color makes it one of the most loved stones by future brides.

  1. Sapphire

Did you really think, even for a moment, that sapphire was not going to be on this list? Its highly saturated tone is the meaning of fidelity and trust, the core of any good marriage. And its deep ocean blue color creates an ultimate allure and calm feeling. Associated with the planet Saturn, it improves self-discipline and helps to materialize the goals we have set ourselves. If your fiancée has confidence and strength, this is definitely her stone.

  1. Moonstone

Moonstone symbolizes the tides and the unconscious. It is a mysterious stone associated with the moon that has long been used as a good luck amulet. In crystal therapy, it can be useful for those who want to take on an inner journey and discover their own hidden truths. It helps recover that part of yourself that has been lost, often the truest. It brings light where (in the inner world) darkness has fallen. That’s why moonstone jewelry is perfect for those who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the weight of life.

  1. Emerald

For many centuries, the emerald has embodied a very profound meaning for man. It is, for many, a symbol of hope, future, growth, and renewal. It represents truth in love, but also justice and compassion. That’s probably why it gained the nickname of “stone of love”. It is capable of reviving passion, interest in someone while stimulating romance. And most importantly, it embodies patience and unconditional love, not only between two partners but also within a family. A good investment for your future together, isn’t it?

  1. Opal

The stone with the colors of them all. Already in ancient times this stone was extremely appreciated but at the same time feared. Due to its ability to reflect all colors, it was believed to contain the powers of all stones. “The stone of the eyes” was an infallible amulet for any problem related to sight, both from the anatomical and spiritual point of view. It was believed, in fact, that the Opal had the power to develop “Sight”, or clairvoyance, divinatory powers, and spiritual awareness. Nowadays, Opal is said to stimulate the joy of living and helps to “see one’s life in color”. It makes you emotional, seductive, unconventional and strengthens sexual energy. Another, pretty important element in your marriage.

  1. Amethyst

Among all the Greek myths, one talks about the amethyst itself, which was also the name of a wood nymph. Bacchus, the god of wine, fell in love with the girl, who had to ask for the help of the goddess of the forests, Diana. And to protect her, she transformed the nymph into a very clear crystal. But Bacchus, furious at the trap, threw his cup full of wine against the stone. From here, it is said, the passionate violet color of amethyst was born. But its gorgeous shades are not the only thing that makes this gemstone great for an engagement ring. Amethyst is a stone connected with balance. It is a symbol of thoughtful choices, which require time and care. Exactly like a relationship.

Your marriage is probably the defining moment of your life. It defines the future with your partner, it is a promise for the rest of your existence. And it always starts with the right engagement ring. What gemstone are you going to choose?

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