Tips For Choosing Jewelry That Suit Your Skin Best

Tips For Choosing Jewelry That Suits Your Skin Best

Jewelry has its own set of rules. As we covered previously in our post on How to Choose Jewelry, just like clothes, they are usually worn in accordance with the occasion and the whole ensemble a person is trying to curate. While such rules are often enough in helping one choose a decent piece of jewelry, there is actually another factor that is worth considering: your skin — in particular, your skin tone and your skin’s sensitivities.

Since jewelry pieces often rest against their wearer’s skin, knowing your skin tone and understanding your skin’s sensitivities are extremely crucial in determining which types of jewelry will best complement your skin. That said, here are some tips for picking jewelry that will suit your skin best.

Knowing your skin tone

Skin tones come in three general types: cool, warm, and neutral. People whose overall complexion has more blue and pink hues have a cool skin tone. Those that have more yellow, peach, and gold undertones are said to have a warm skin tone. Those that have neither of the aforementioned colors as their dominant undertone are considered to have a neutral skin tone.

If you aren’t aware of what your skin tone is, one of the easiest and most reliable ways to figure it out is by examining your veins. If the veins on your wrist appear bluish-purple, then you have a cool skin tone. But if they are on the greener side, then you have a warm skin tone. Now, if you can’t tell whether your veins are greenish or bluish, then you most likely have a neutral skin tone.

According to the lifestyle magazine Her World, jewelry pieces made of white and light metals like silver, platinum, and white gold suit people with cool skin tones best because these can enhance their natural tone. On the other hand, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets made of or plated with yellow gold, rose gold, and brass work best with people with warmer tones, making them look more glowing. Those that have a neutral skin tone are the luckiest because any kind of metal (of whichever color) can help elevate their look and complement their skin.

When it comes to gemstones, those that are in yellow, red, brown, turquoise, and orange work well with individuals that have a warm skin tone. Gemstones that are more blue and purple are great for those that have a cool skin tone. Similar to metals, gemstones of any kind are all equally flattering for those that have a neutral skin tone.

Understanding your skin’s sensitivities

Sometimes, people who are big fans of accessories get rashes after wearing a certain type of jewelry. This common occurrence is called jewelry rash. In some cases, people who have highly sensitive skin also experience persistent redness and itchiness that can be super uncomfortable.

One of the ways you can avoid this is by knowing your skin’s sensitivities. If you noticed that your skin negatively reacts to alloy metal, nickel, and/or gold, make it a habit to double-check what the jewelry pieces you are eyeing are made of before buying them.

And if you naturally have sensitive skin, it would also be a great idea to have a basic skincare routine that will keep your skin’s health in tiptop shape. PrettyMe’s review of Snail White Whipp Soap notes that it would be best for people with highly sensitive skin to stick with hypoallergenic cleansers that are made of natural extracts like bearberry leaf extract and snail secretion. These are capable of deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Meanwhile, aside from having a reliable cleanser, Cosmopolitan’s review of COSRX Aloe Vera Oil-free Moisture Cream notes that it would be best to have a cream that has calming ingredients like aloe vera. This way, you can immediately deal with redness and rashes if ever your skin comes into contact with jewelry pieces you didn’t know you are allergic to.

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